Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Meeting

Many fine finished objects were on display at the February meeting.

Janʼs very first sweater — hooray!
Jeannieʼs Philosopherʼs Wool sweater
Joanʼs No Leftovers Russian Wedding Band Cowl
Patʼs Winding Way Mitts
We also are optimistic about a new yarn store opening this month in the former Yellow House shop. Welcome, My Yarn Heaven! We also heard rumors of a new shop opening in Silverdale.


Two of our stalwart members, Anne and Joyce, passed away last month. We mourn their passing and we miss their companionship. Both were enthusiastic knitters who inspired each of us in our own knitting. The guild sent cards of condolence to their families.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Meeting

Tuesday, February 10
9 am - noon

Bring your knitting, your name tag, and your show-and-share items. Need knitting help with something? Just ask!

Everyone will have a chance to be meeting leader. Maybe February is your turn.