Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Knitting and PKG Business

The November meeting featured some beautiful knitting and some important business decisions.

First, the knitting:

Carolynʼs Windschief hat
Cheriʼs Pidoca sweater
Jeannieʼs Lazy Girl, a.k.a. Forever Scarf
Joanʼs Camellia scarf
Karenʼs Victorian lace shawl
Naomiʼs mitered-square blanket

December meeting:
  • The December meeting on December 9 will be a potluck brunch. Mark your serving dishes and utensils so you get them back. Watch the blog for more information.
  • At the December meeting, Karen will collect childrenʼs gifts and hand-made scarves, hats, and mittens for distribution at the Edgewood Community Center where she volunteers. Do not wrap any of the gifts. Any extra gifts will be distributed to other needy children in the community.
Guild organization:
  • No one stepped up to take over leadership of the guild. As a result, we decided that, for now, no one will be designated leader. Therefore, no one will send out meeting notices by e-mail. All information will be posted on the blog. It is your responsibility to check the blog for updates and to submit information to Sue V. to share with the group. Sue will continue to manage the blog.
  • If we want to do a group event — field trip or a special class, for example — you will have to step up to organize it.
  • Jeannie will continue to be the liaison with the Puyallup Community Center.