Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy, Busy

It is a busy spring for guild knitters.

On the road
Puyallup Knitting Guild hits the road on Thursday,  April 25, for a visit to Makers’ Mercantile. You can take a class on artfelt®, a felting technique that combines certain aspects of needle felting, wet felting, and fulling with a new patented paper developed to ease and speed up the felting process. The cost of this activity depends on the kit you purchase ($20-$40). More details are here

If you prefer, you can sit in the shop’s knitting area and work on your latest projects. You also can enjoy treats from RileyCakes Gluten Free Bakery.

The second field trip is to Edgewood Garden on a date to be determined. Ilga Jansons is a local spinner, dyer, and gardener who opens her garden for tours.

These field trips are not substitutes for regular guild meetings; they are optional opportunities.

Guild business
In May, our guild leadership will complete a year of service: Jeannie as leader, Sue L. as custodian of the membership list, and Joan C. as the person in charge of room reservations. At the April meeting we will discuss plans to elect new leadership. Think about what role you can plan to make sure the Puyallup Knitting Guild stays healthy and vibrant.

Sue V. has two nice spoons left at the December 2012 potluck. If they are yours, let her know.

Now to knitting:

Jeannie’s tiny shoes
Anne’s entrelac scarf
Sue V.’s Deep in the Forest mittens
Cheri’s socks
Naomi’s Newfie hats
Lisa’s vest
Sue L.’s needle case 
Sue made several changes to her needle case: She didn’t use the welt-style zipper. She put zippers in both upper and lower pockets. She did not use interfacing, just Warm and Natural batting. She kept the ¾” seam allowances but trimmed the outside edges to about ¼” and top-stitched at ¼” on the outside after turning it.