Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Meeting

Tuesday, April 9
9:30 a.m. (regular time)

Ask not what the Puyallup Knitting Guild can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Puyallup Knitting Guild.

It is time to ask for volunteers to keep this group going. The volunteer opportunities are:
  • Reserve a meeting room at the library. You can do this online at the library’s Web site. You need to do this on the first of each month for as far out as possible to maintain currently day, time, and meeting room. Then you send new and updated meeting reservation information for inclusion in meeting reminder and blog. 
  • Membership chair. You maintain e-mail list for meeting reminders and notifications of special events. You also is responsible for creating name tents.
  • Chief organizer. You put together meeting reminders and information of interest to be sent to the guild one week prior to the meetings. You also are the focal point for information sharing. 
In the past, three different people have taken on these responsibilities: Joan C. for room reservations, Sue L. for membership, and Jeannie for chief organizer. However, if someone wants to take on two (or three!) of them, that could work too. The people currently doing these tasks can help you with specifics and tricks to make the job easier.

The new volunteer leaders will start in May. If everyone does a little bit of the work, no one will be over-burdened and we will continue to be successful. Think about how you can help.

During the rest of the meeting, we will show and share our current projects and recently finished knitting.