Friday, February 22, 2013

“Traveling” with Sue

Sue L.’s Traveling Sweater was a big hit at the last guild meeting. Here are the details:

The pattern is the Traveling Sweater, designed by A. Karen Alfke. Sue purchased it from Blue Moon Fiber Arts at the 2012 Madrona Fiber Arts Festival.

The yarn is Blue Moon Woobu, which is 60% merino and 40% bamboo. The color is True Blood red. Skeins weigh 226 grams and hold 620 yards (big skeins!). The yarn is very soft and the sweater is very cozy and warm. Sue used US3 needles.

This sweater is knit flat in a k2, p2 rib, with one body piece and two sleeve pieces. The design uses wrap-and-turn (short row) technique to make the curves. The body is about 144 inches (yes, 144 inches!) around from mid-back edge to mid-back edge.

Sue said, “It took a bit of turning my mind upside down to understand how it went together until I blocked it. And it must be blocked — the rib is stretched to flatten out the ridges. Once I saw it laid out, I understood better how to put it together. I did get a bit bored with the knitting because it is just the same k2, p2 with a few w&t thrown in now and then for the entire body and the two sleeves. But it turned out very nice and I like to wear it — that’s what counts.”


Has a guild member knit something you want to know more about? Do you want to share the details of one of your projects? Talks to Sue V. She will try to feature a project by a guild member with some regularity on this blog.