Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretty Knitting in October

We've been busy!

Chris’s Leftie shawl, made from leftover yarn
and a little bit of new yarn
Barb’s baby car seat blanket;
welcome, Barb!
Jeanne’s Calais shawl 
Marsha’s Chevron vest
(Barb W. had one too)
Angela’s hoodie shawl (her own design)
Jeannie’s Girly shawl
You can find the named patterns on Ravelry.

In other business, we decided to have a potluck brunch at the December 11 meeting. We’ll have more discussion next month. We also decided to bring unwrapped gifts to donate to foster children. Gifts for children of all ages, from babies to teens, are needed.

We still want to have a spring retreat. The question is where to have it. Most facilities require a minimum number of people (10 or 12) and a deposit to secure the dates that generally is non-refundable. There seemed to be a consensus for a facility that can provide meals. No cooking! Jeannie and Sue are exploring some options; if you have any suggestions, contact one of them.