Friday, September 14, 2012

September Knitting

The September meeting was a showcase for some exciting knitting projects. But, first, to business:

Milly from the Bonney Lake Ben Franklin store is willing to teach a class for the guild. Topics? One suggestion was seaming. Other ideas? Let Jeannie know.

The guild library display in January is coming together. Members agreed to provide doll clothes, doilies, hats, a baby dress, a vest, shawls, scarves, and baby sweaters. We also can display knitting tools. There is room for more. Bring your items to the December meeting. Libbie will work on the display; let her know if you can help her.

Someone asked where to find “heads” to display or photograph hats. Some suggestions were beauty supply stores for Styrofoam heads, Pier 1 for glass heads, stores that sell mannequins, wig stores, thrift stores, and eBay were a few suggestions. Prices range from a few dollars to many dollars.

Now, the knitting showcase:

Jeannie’s vintage yarn holder for color work
Joy’s scarf
Sue L.’s magic expanding bag
Naomi’s leftover sock yarn blanket
Angela’s vest 
Marsha’s shrug
Mary's socks