Saturday, September 29, 2012

October Meeting

Tuesday, October 9
9:30 a.m.

  • December potluck — yes or no? Gift donation again?
  • Display case
  • Show and share
Bring your chemo caps and purple baby hats for distribution.

Note the updated Upcoming Events list. Lots of knitting going on!

Please bring your name tent to each meeting. And, please be respectful and do not hold side conversations during the short business meeting or while someone else is showing and sharing. You will have plenty of time for individual conversations.

Friday, September 14, 2012

September Knitting

The September meeting was a showcase for some exciting knitting projects. But, first, to business:

Milly from the Bonney Lake Ben Franklin store is willing to teach a class for the guild. Topics? One suggestion was seaming. Other ideas? Let Jeannie know.

The guild library display in January is coming together. Members agreed to provide doll clothes, doilies, hats, a baby dress, a vest, shawls, scarves, and baby sweaters. We also can display knitting tools. There is room for more. Bring your items to the December meeting. Libbie will work on the display; let her know if you can help her.

Someone asked where to find “heads” to display or photograph hats. Some suggestions were beauty supply stores for Styrofoam heads, Pier 1 for glass heads, stores that sell mannequins, wig stores, thrift stores, and eBay were a few suggestions. Prices range from a few dollars to many dollars.

Now, the knitting showcase:

Jeannie’s vintage yarn holder for color work
Joy’s scarf
Sue L.’s magic expanding bag
Naomi’s leftover sock yarn blanket
Angela’s vest 
Marsha’s shrug
Mary's socks

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Members Show Well at Fairs

Puyallup Knitting Guild members took home fistfuls of ribbons from the Pierce County Fair and Western Washington Fair.

At the Pierce County Fair, Jeannie won blue ribbons for a pumpkin hat and for her quilting. Lisa won blue for an Aran sweater.

At the Western Washington Fair:

Joan D.’s vest
Joan C.’s baby dress
Sue V.’s big doily
Sue V.’s shawl
Sue V.’s scarf
Sue V.’s small doily

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Meeting

Tuesday, September 11
9:30 a.m., Puyallup Library

Please bring your name tent to each meeting.
Note that the Fair will be in full swing so traffic might be heavier.

  • Bring your ideas for programs, field trips, etc. 
  • Milly from Ben Franklin has offered to teach — topic and cost TBD
  • January 2013 library display. Ideas for the display — charity items, different ways to knit socks, lace, other ideas? Bring items in December for January display. Libbie has volunteered to help set up the display. Other volunteers?
Show and Share 
Please introduce yourself — name, how did you learn how to knit, favorite tool

Charity projects
  • Chemo/comfort hats for the American Cancer Society in Tacoma. Sue V. will deliver hats.
  • Purple baby hats for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma. Jeannie H. will deliver them. 
Fair participation 
Did you enter either the Pierce County Fair or Western Washington Fair or both? Did you win ribbons? Sue V. will collect the information for a post to recognize our guild knitters.