Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Long-time guild president Pattie decided to give up her leadership role. Many in the guild expressed gratitude for the hard work that Pattie had done to get the guild up and running, and then running it smoothly for many years. Thank you, Pattie!

At Tuesday’s meeting, Jeannie H. stepped up to the role of president (a.k.a. Knitting Goddess #1). Her leadership team includes Joan C., who is responsible for reserving the library room and opening up on meeting days; Sue L., treasurer; Nita, newsletter editor; and Sue V., blog editor. Thanks, Jeannie and team!

Several members floated ideas for enhancing the Puyallup Knitting Guild. Jeannie and her leadership team will take a look at these ideas and bring proposals to the guild membership for consideration.

In a discussion about the spring retreat, members indicated they prefer Dumas Bay Centre for the retreat site and generally favor April for the retreat time. To secure the dates, Jeannie reserved Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, April 15, 16, and 17, 2013, for next year’s retreat. Cost details, deposit amount, and final payment due date will be available as soon as Jeannie receives the contract. Dumas Bay Centre is very busy; those who sign a contract and pay the deposit get first dibs on space, meeting rooms, and bedrooms, which is why we are moving quickly. Sue V. distributed a survey about the retreat; details will be available soon.

The overwhelming consensus of those who attended this year’s spring retreat was that Jeanne M. did a fabulous job. Applause for Jeanne!

In addition to participating in the business meeting, members showed off their beautiful knitting.

Angela’s shawl
Anne’s shawl
Jeannie's knit-one-below scarf
Naomi’s Quincy hat
Nita’s scarf
Pat’s ruffles
Angela’s baby sweater 
You can learn more about Angela’s patterns at her blog.