Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Retreat Planning

It looks like our spring retreat is going to be fabulous! The retreat is:

Monday, April 2, to Wednesday, April 4
Dumas Bay Centre, Federal Way

For the best experience, sign up to attend the whole retreat. The cost at this point is $143, but may change slightly depending on how many people attend. The fee includes overnight accommodation, meals (lunch and dinner on Monday, breakfast and dinner on Tuesday, breakfast on Wednesday), and use of the classroom. Contact Jeanne for details.

The retreat will not feature formal classes but several demonstrations are planned to help you expand and improve your knitting skills.

Alternatively you can attend for a day. The cost is $15 for a whole or partial day, plus the cost of your meal(s); meals cost $9.03 for breakfast, $11.50 for lunch, and $18.50 for dinner. These prices are a bit higher for the day trippers; those who signed up to attend the whole retreat are covered under the previous prices in the contract.

If you plan to attend for a day, you must pay for the classroom fee and your meal fee at the March meeting, or mail your payment to Jeanne, so she can make meal reservations. Make checks payable to Puyallup Knitting Guild.