Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Holidays

Guild members welcomed four visitors to our holiday meeting. Pattie invited her friend Angela, who came with her friend Maria. Maria is a new knitter — welcome to the knitting community! Angela is coaching Maria. For herself, Angela is learning to knit socks on two circular needles.

Joanne invited Joan, who invited her friend Deanne. That gives our guild three Joans and a Joanne; the Joans are slowly outnumbering the Pattie/Patricia/Pat contingent.

The potluck was yummy. Members are talented cooks as well as talented knitters.

We also shared knitting projects, such as Karin's re-designed sweater. Karin removed the striped top of the sweater and replaced it with black, saving the beautiful color border.

Sue modeled her sweater that fits her perfectly. Sue really understands fit and how good fit can flatter.

Thanks to Joan and Naomi for organizing the gift exchange, and thanks to members for their clever and thoughtful knitting gifts.

And special thanks to Pattie for securing our library room each month, organizing the room for the potluck and for everything she does to make our guild run smoothly. It looks effortless, and we appreciate how much work Pattie does to make it look that way.